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    Contacting someone for help with your website project or marketing account shouldn’t be a hassle. Effective communication and knowing what to expect when meeting a designer for the first time can make things easier. Find out more below. As always, there’s no fee to request a project estimate.

    How can we help?
    Every project begins with an in-person meeting. We want to understand how you work and the way your current system is set up. The more we learn about your business and services, the better feedback we can give to improve your website and online presence.

    When would you like to begin?
    We understand when clients need to have their website quickly. We’ll help plan and organize the completion of your project according to deadline.

    What to expect?
    Our design process is systematic, providing ease and convenience for you to be directly involved during the progress of your website.

    Next steps?
    We design custom websites to fit your needs, combining the right functionality and beautiful design to boost efficiency and improve the appearance of your business. Once the scope of work is finalized, and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll provide you with additional details to get the project started right.

    Our Process

    Planning- A site map is created to visually represent your website’s hierarchy including the sections and pages.

    Design- After the site map has been approved we move forward with designing. The design phase consists of two major parts: wireframe and graphic mockup.

    Build- Upon approval of the designs, our developers start building the website according to the sitemap.

    Content- At this stage the project is like a new birthday card, ready to be filled with text, images, and any other material that conveys your message (the content.)

    Testing- Websites are thoroughly tested for functionality, browser consistency, and performance.

    Launch & Training- Ensure all aspects of the completed project are prepped and in place. Typically includes instructing clients on how to access their administrative areas, make common updates, and manage users.

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