Email Marketing

    Email campaigns are extremely valuable marketing tools. We develop strategies that generate trust and interest and drive results. Create beautiful forms for people to subscribe on your website. to your list feature-rich emails and send them to people who’ve subscribed by choice to your list.

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    Developing a mailing list for email campaigns are one of the most effective marketing solutions. Include an email newsletter subscribe form on  your site or manually add members your list who’ve given their permission. Then, keep them updated on sales and special offers 2-4 times/year easily with beautiful content-rich emails using a secure service such as MailChimp.

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    MailChimp Email Marketing Services MailChimp is easy to use and understand. It integrates well with most leading services and is constantly adapting to new platforms. Adding MailChimp to a WordPress site is clean and simple. Their pricing structure is affordable and includes many options. Your first 2000 subscribers are free (which is really cool) and the paid version includes automation and other valuable features.

    Increase Your Productivity

    Google Apps for Work

    Google Apps for Work is simple and powerful. Basically it’s a gmail account and its suite of applications, (Calendar, Google Docs,  Google Drive, etc.) but with additional features for businesses. Leverage Google Apps for Work to Boost ProducivityIt gives you more storage, more management, and the ability to use your domain name for email addresses. For example, use instead of (Click the “Google Apps for Work” image to get a 30-day free trial.)