Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP Project Plugin for WordPress

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    Today, Google will begin serving Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – their open source initiative designed to affect page speed on mobile devices and improve SEO. AMP works by limiting some technical functionality, combined with a cloud distribution system. Basically, it strips stuff that can slow website loading speed and loads saved pages from the cloud for faster service. It will only be loaded and cached by those platforms supporting it (such as Google search.)



    WordPress Repo AMP Plugin


    Fortunately, WordPress has an easy way to integrate AMP on your site with the AMP plugin. There are still very few options for configuration – pages and archives aren’t yet supported – but all posts will have AMP compatible versions. (These pages will have /amp/ appended to the end of their URL.)


    Whether the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is here to stay or destined only to be a fad the issue of performance needs to be taken seriously. The AMP plugin’s easy plug and play installation is just one reason to consider using it.